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The first new year without them; I can do it- I have to do it. Even if he isn't here with me.
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Honda-san is here now; they seem so happy- I don't really want to ruin it for them.
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It's snowing; it's so beautiful.
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. . . I have no idea how to be a woman.
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This year, it will be a banquet on their own.

[locked, but easily hackable]

I'm . . . so mad at myself. Then again, apart from being God- no, just someone pretending- I have no redeeming qualities.

. . . but this feeling, this burning in my chest, and this heart wrenching feeling whenever he is not around . . .

What is it? Do all women . . . do all people feel it?

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Akito waits, watching two birds on a branch outside. Fingers curl on a rock, waiting to throw it at them in a fight of rage and bordem.
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I found where you are now ~ would you rather talk to strangers than your own God. It hurts me deeply. Some of you didn't even show up to New Years celebration.

((Don't expect to see that much of Akito on the main board. Only because it's Akito. XD))
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